Apple emphasizes respecting private data (videos)

Apple publicité Face ID

Apple recently posted two new business videos on his Apple France YouTube channel and which will be broadcast elsewhere, notably on television, in the coming weeks. Both highlight a certain Protection of private life users of Apple products, underpinned by two strong security features.

The first video focuses on technology Face ID. In less than 15 seconds, the Californian firm explains to us that the data recorded by the sensors dedicated to face recognition technology are not shared by Apple, and stay well inside the iPhone, never leaving it. Information processing is done locally, and only locally.

The second video highlights Apple Pay, Apple’s contactless payment functionality, usable from iPhone or Apple Watch, but also iPad and some MacBooks (with Touch ID).

The ad clarifies that Apple has no way of knowing what the user is purchasing through Apple Pay. Everything is encrypted, even the credit card number used for Apple Pay payment. The transaction is made using a unique number linked to the device used.

Respect for privacy has been a position defended by Apple for several years now. This allows the firm to stand out from the competition, by making it a strong selling point for the consumer, like that of the efforts in terms of ecology so often put forward by the Californian giant.

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