Apple employees successfully unionize


It’s done: Apple workers have voted to join a new union, 65 votes for and 33 votes against. The 110 team members of a store located in Maryland, in Towson, are eligible. Thanks to this maneuver, they will be able to better defend their rights, a news that is probably well received internally but which also arouses the suspicion of management.

The organization chosen by the voters is the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which already represents no less than 700,000 members in North America (Quebec, Canada, United States). The CGT Apple retail account quoted the announcement, it is another association this time French and whose objective is similar.

And now ?

Now the National Labor Relations Board will have to validate the ballot before the procedure goes any further. This may take about a week; this is an essential step required by the Biden government on which this agency depends. CNBC having reported the information nationally, it could give ideas to other Apple Stores concerned about their working conditions. In the town of New York in particular, where a similar operation is in progress.

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On the spot, employees thus tried to obtain a minimum of twenty-eight dollars per hour guaranteed. Apple will finally have accepted twenty two dollarsa nice gesture but which has not stopped the ambitions of potential union members whose union is still under consideration.

Apple reassures

Beyond income, there are also concerns about integration, respect and diversity that have been raised in recent months. Especially when Apple decided to thank the leaders of a challenge that managed to compile alarming figures on equality within the company.

For its part, the Cupertino company recently published a rather transparent report on the organization of its human resources. We learn that the share of women in offices is constantly increasing and that the origin of the employees does not seem to matter in the recruitment process. Measures also concerning France, where several shops are open, particularly in Paris, Strasbourg and Montpellier.

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