Apple employees want nearly 28 euros per hour guaranteed!

Grand Central

Let’s start from the beginning. At the end of last week, we learned that some employees working in the Apple Store were launching their own union, in partnership with the North American organization Workers United. It is above all the sign of Grand Central which is concerned. This is located in the heart of the historic station which serves manhattan.

Apple has not yet taken any measures to counter this initiative, however the Californian giant quickly published a press release to react to the case. He highlights his team “incredible” and recalls offering serious advantages both to full-time contracts and to those who work part-time.

First claims

Among the requests of Fruit Stand Workers United (FSWU), a staggering salary of 30 dollars per hour, or just under 28 euros at the current exchange rate. Even for New York, which is one of the cities where the cost of living is the most expensive, it’s a lot. We bet that this is however a figure intended to be negotiated, just to obtain a really suitable sum for those concerned.

The organizers specify besides that the adhesion to the FSWU will be paying; until $44 per month for those who wish to have their glitches covered. In exchange, credits at reasonable rates will be offered, as well as better insurance not to be dismissed in the event of a conflict with Apple. Indeed, in this kind of case, the union can quickly attract the attention of the media, on the lookout since the beginnings of #AppleToo.

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Change in HR

Coincidence or not, Apple just updated its recruitment page store. In particular, we find the list of roles offered: Genius, manager, salesperson, technician, customer support, etc.

With this, Apple recalls what benefits are offered to its employees. Among them, resources for the “Mental Health” -a particularly contemporary issue- but also parental leave or leave in the event of illness and stock options for the greediest.

Job offers are already available in France, in localities such as Paris or Grenoble. To apply or consult the various vacancies in France, it’s right here.

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