Apple engineer recounts M1 chip debut 10 years ago

Processeur M1 Apple

This is perhaps the most important announcement of this year 2020. An entire conference has been dedicated to them by Apple, and they did not disappoint. The very first MacBooks equipped with the M1 chip, Apple’s first house processor, which made these machines real racehorses. Very few models that it is from Apple, or within the competition, have managed to hold out on new Apple computers. The brand with the apple had just hit very hard, a historic outing that had reshuffled the cards in a sector that the Cupertino company seemed to have abandoned for a few years.

But the history of the M1 chip is not limited to this release, over these last three months of breathtaking results, it is an entire decade of Apple engineering that has come to bear fruit. Because if the result suggests that the task was easy, Apple will have taken out the (very) large means to achieve its ends.

Step by step, A7 has become M1

Shac Ron, a former Apple employee recounts how, ten years ago, the idea for an Apple processor was born, and how it quickly became one of the most popular work subjects for engineers at the Apple Park.

As the former engineer of the brand at Apple explains, Apple began working on chips with ARM architecture in the early 2010s. The very first to be presented to the public with this new architecture is the A7 chip, and it was released in 2013. Since then Apple has used a strategy as simple as it is effective. Start with a fairly low number of cores and a low clock rate, and build up from generation to generation. Thus the A7 chip came out with 2 cores and around 1.7 GHz, where today the A14 chip has a 6-core processor up to 2.99 GHz. The Mac M1 have 8 cores, a clock speed of 3.2 GHz. In addition, Apple’s processor has a record number of transistors, 16 billion on the M1 chip.

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A development still in progress

All these developments have enabled the outcome that is M1 today. If the step to be taken between the A14 chip and the M1 chip is large, the two are ultimately only two points on the same line of development for Apple, and everything seems to indicate that the Cupertino company does not intend to stop there . Many rumors indeed state the output of an M2 chip, an evolution of the M1 chip which could make its appearance during this year 2021. Why not aboard an iMac, Apple having announced that all models of As the brand’s computers were to switch to “home-made” processors, the iMac and Mac Pro are next on the list.

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