Apple faces class action lawsuit for planned obsolescence

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Like an air of déjà vu. In Italy, the consumer association Altroconsumo has just launched a class action lawsuit against Apple. The Cupertino company is criticized for having resorted to programmed obsolescence on the iPhone 6 and 6s. In all, the plaintiffs request the sum of 60 million euros.

The “battery gate”, a recurring problem for Apple

In detail, Apple is accused of having used an update in order to slow down the performance of its devices and to limit the batteries. According to Cult of Mac, the association has been interested in the subject of planned obsolescence since 2017. That same year, it launched a reporting platform for consumers and it noted that smartphones were regularly cited by them.

This is not the first time that Apple has been the subject of a lawsuit in this matter. We remember the “battery gate” in 2017. Again, the Apple brand was suspected of knowingly clamping the batteries of its iPhone for no reason. A link had also been established between the iOS updates and the state of the batteries. Finally, Apple had finally admitted its wrongs. These problems were even thought to be over but last October the company was again the subject of a class action lawsuit in California.

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Finally, in November 2020, the company reportedly agreed to pay $ 113 million to end the battery gate investigation ”in the United States.

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