Apple faces former employees in court

Marteau et loi, justice et procès

In the town of new York, the laws are sometimes different from those that prevail in France and more particularly when it comes to trade. This is how Big Apple offers some of its employees the option of being paid weekly rather than monthly. An exemption is however possible for some companies wishing to reduce the frequency of wages to twice a month.

Otherwise, companies employing “manual” workers must pay their teams on a weekly basis. However, according to an ongoing trial, this would not have been the case at Apple. The firm, however, asks its workforce to organize sales areas, unpack products or even empty cash registers in its New York stores.

Seven-figure risk

Some employees, notably officiating in the store on Fifth Avenue, thus seized the courts of the southern district, explaining that they had lost money with more spaced out payments. The exchange rate of the currency could in particular justify this argument, but the judge must still rule on the case which has just officially started.

If the accusation prevails, Apple could then be forced to compensate. In this type of case and especially if the file is supported by enough corroborating testimonies, the amounts can quickly amount to millions. It is moreover a figure of this order which is required as compensation here.

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Group action

This model of class action may seem surprising seen from a European perspective, but its application is relatively frequent across the Atlantic (hard not to remember the butterfly keyboard). Law firms even focus specifically on disputes of this type, with giant billboards even in the beautiful districts of Manhattan.

In France, the equivalent of this procedure is quite rare but does exist: it is thegroup action or collective action, according to the reference texts of the Consumer Code. Established in 2014, it has already proven itself as when the Boulanger and Darty chains were pinned for deliberately misleading their customers.

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