Apple finally “allows” its employees to disclose their salaries

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Started during the summer, the #AppleToo movement denounces discrimination at Apple to which some employees are said to be victims. These would result in particular in lower wages for those concerned, a minority of which has since seized the American equivalent of the industrial tribunal in search of solutions. Since then, the reactions of the parent company have, however, been relatively discreet …

Zoe Schiffer (NBC News), which has been investigating the subject for several months now, has nevertheless managed to get its hands on a recent message sent internally. We first learn that Apple’s policy is not to restrict its teams when it comes to freely discussing their working conditions. And this even though a dismissal recently occurred seems to be a sign to the contrary.

How much do we earn at Apple?

Among the issues that come to the fore most often and that Apple discusses in its letter, that of payroll is probably the most crucial. It is indeed a key indicator of possible disparities that do not need to be.

According to data provided by the specialist site Glassdoor, an Apple Store seller can earn on average about two thousand euros per month, while a technician at Genius Bar specializing in Mac repair can hope to pocket about thirty-five thousand in a year. Managers, for their part, are obviously better off with nearly sixty thousand euros per year in some cases. The developers, too, are doing quite well, with remuneration in a range similar to this last figure.

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Management as interlocutor

The memo written by Apple also adds that beyond the private and media sphere, talking about the problems encountered with his hierarchy is also encouraged (mmmmh, and mediation?). The American firm did not comment on the case when the leak was published, which occurred on the night of Friday to Saturday – French time. It’s a safe bet, however, that even if this progress is welcome, it is too late to weigh in the balance in the face of the various charges brought against Apple in court.

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