Apple finally offers to repair your iPhone yourself


With a poor repairability rating, Apple devices are often criticized despite their excellent quality. Because they are also quite fragile, it happens that users have to go to the cash register to change their screen, with a rather steep bill most of the time. What is more, the manufacturer penalizes home-made repairs, and recommends going through approved third-party shops or directly in its own brands.

But with the new program Self Service Repair, this may all be ancient history. The firm at the apple has indeed just unveiled that it will sell tools and official spare parts for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 from 2022, in the United States. Macs with a proprietary M1 chip, too, will soon have the same luck. However, no indication was given concerning the French market. We just know that other countries will also be affected in the coming months.

At what price ?

Apple has not spoken about the prices of this future service either. Given those of AppleCare + insurance and the various operations carried out at the Genius Bar, it is however likely that there too the sums to be paid are quite high. The items in question will also be sold online (there will be more than two hundred), and a manual for consumers will let them know which ones to order and how to refurbish their devices.

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Obviously, if you make the repairs under the program Self Service, these will not be able to cancel the guarantee applied to your equipment (will it be necessary to pay a registration to prove it?). Until now, however, anyone who tried to open the body of their iPhone was in serious danger of finding themselves without support in the event of a problem. We can also assume that a possible surgery with components from other brands, even by following the Cupertino tutorial, will not be covered.


For Appleinsider, this change in Apple’s policy could in fact be due to the desire of certain shareholders of the company to calm its anti-competitive practices. The “right to reparation”Has indeed been at the heart of the debates of some legislators for some time, a sign that the company may have just avoided a big fine.

Kyle Wiens, CEO ofiFixit, a famous site specializing in the dismantling of some of the most popular smartphones, connected watches and computers in order, underlines a real turnaround that is beneficial for end customers:

Apple iPhone 12 64 GB

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