Apple MAC Apple fixes macOS Big Sur corrupted storage bug

Apple fixes macOS Big Sur corrupted storage bug


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As we explained in this previous article, macOS Big Sur had previously suffered from a rather annoying problem. Indeed, during the installation of the update, the deployment was done by taking up a lot of space, 35.5 Go precisely, and even if the user did not have such free space, the procedure was started when even, corrupting data without warning and making it irrecoverable (or almost, there is a solution to try to get our hands on this data broken by macOS Big on, explained here in English).

Fortunately, this bug is now a thing of the past. Apple has indeed updated its installer for macOS Big Sur on the App Store by providing it with a new feature. When launched, the installer now checks whether there is enough disk space available. And of course, if it detects that there is not enough, it does not go further. It is up to the user to clean the house, with the CleanMyMac cleaner for example or the Gemini duplicate file finder to recover a few GB and thus enjoy the new features of macOS Big Sur without a hitch.

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Unfortunately, this does not help users who downloaded the older version of the installer and for whom the update to macOS Big Sur corrupted several GB of data on their hard drive. As specified above, notice to those who have suffered from this problem, try the solution described here.

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Certainly, macOS Big Sur still has a ways to go before it can be installed without causing too many problems on your Mac. From our side, we always advise to wait at least 6 months before updating macOS. Personally, I set the 12 month limit to be completely quiet for my primary work machine.

Who among you installed macOS Big Sur without particular concern?

Apple fixes macOS Big Sur corrupted storage bug

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