Apple hardware argument gets a makeover


The oldest of our readers are probably familiar with the Mac2Sell site. The latter has been for many years the reference to consult for know the value of an Apple product sold or bought used.

Thus, like an argument for cars, s Mac2Sell allowed, for an Apple device, depending on the condition, model, storage capacity or other characteristics, to know its average second-hand price.

Mac2Sell then served both novice buyers who did not know the Apple second-hand market well and wanting to have an idea of ​​the price for the purchase of a Mac from a first user, as well as novice sellers not really knowing at what price. tariff position their iPhone to resell.

In 2016, the team behind Mac2Sell had slowed down its pace of work. It is only for a few months that the site seems to come back to life, even if in the meantime it has never ceased to be consulted, not only in France, but also in many other countries of the world (the site is translated into 20 languages).

And on the occasion of the refurbishment of the site which therefore took place not long ago, our MacPlus colleagues were able to question Ormerry, one of the co-creators of the Argus Apple service, also at the origin of ‘elsewhere from the birth of This interview allows us to learn a little more about the genesis of Mac2Sell until the very fresh modernization of its price calculation tool.

  • Find here the full interview of Ormerry from Mac2Sell by Borro from
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Mac2Sell is in any case a tool to know if you are an Apple customer, to use as soon as you are interested in the second-hand market, whether for purchase or resale.

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