Apple hardware boss Dan Riccio will devote himself to a secret project

Dan Riccio

This is a page that is turning at Apple. In a press release, the apple brand has just announced that Dan Riccio, the vice-president dedicated to hardware engineering, will leave his post to devote himself to a new project. In this adventure, he will be directly under the responsibility of Tim Cook. It was also learned that John Ternus would take his place. The latter has been working at Apple since 2001 and we saw him present the new Macs under M1 during a keynote.

A new VR headset in the works?

For Dan Riccio, who has worked for the company since 1998, this is the start of a new adventure. He also says he is enthusiastic about this idea: “ I can’t wait to do what I love the most: devote all of my time and energy at Apple to creating something new and wonderful that I’m passionate about.

It remains to be seen what it is. According to MacWorld, it could be an augmented reality or virtual reality project with the manufacture of a new headset. While the development of Apple Glass seems to be slipping, VR would then become a new priority for the Cupertino company. However, there is no indication that the company has abandoned this idea of ​​connected glasses and Dan Riccio would be the ideal candidate to put it back on track.

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