Apple has a solution to bring down the price of Macs


Apple could rethink its strategy in China in order to diversify the production of its computers. This is the magazine DigiTimes who affirms it, his sources often being based on indiscretions from subcontractors of the apple brand in Asia. The analyst Jim Hsiao, at the origin of this information, evokes in particular the case of Quantuma major Cupertino assembler that would finalize 60% of its MacBook orders.

Until now, these deliveries came directly from a factory located in Shanghai. But the company could relocate to Chongqing, a city of tens of millions of inhabitants in the west of the Middle Kingdom. High-tech industries are already well established there, with players such as HP, IBM and even BOE and Foxconn, which works on iPhones and iPads.

Why this change?

This news comes to us as China slowly recovers from its largest wave of contamination in coronavirus. During this difficult period, the country had to force certain establishments to close their doors in order to limit the spread of the disease. Shanghai, the economic capital, was then hit hard by quarantine.

Many believe that it was this incident that would have caused serious delays Delivery to Apple Store. By turning to other localities, the firm of Tim Cook would thus think of reducing the risks by betting on several horses. We also know that the company also works with suppliers based in India, in order to reduce its manufacturing costs.

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Apple silicon, sometimes cheaper

In theory, Apple could therefore take the opportunity to pass on this change in margin to the prices charged in stores. Impossible, however, to know if this will be the case, nevertheless two indications are in favor of such an eventuality. First, we can remember the release of the first Mac mini M1, marketed with a more affordable price than its predecessor powered by an Intel brand chip (this is not the case for the MacBook Air, however). Second, recent rumors point to an iPhone 14 at the same price as the iPhone 13, while Apple tends to raise its prices every year. Even if not everyone agrees on the subject.

According to DigiTimesthe affected machines are the two MacBook Airs available today, the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

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