Apple has a strict protocol for its unvaccinated employees

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Apple has announced new health rules for its employees in the United States. As reported Bloomberg, those who are not vaccinated or who have not communicated their vaccination status before October 24, will have to undergo a test during each working day on site from November 1.

Unlike other American companies, the apple brand has not however opted for compulsory vaccination for its employees. For the vaccinated precisely, a weekly rapid test is planned. The tech giant also asks non-vaccinated employees of its physical stores to be tested twice a week and not every day.

Apple management prefers on-site work

The American media also explains that this strategy could well be only temporary. Joe Biden has in fact asked all federal contractors to require their employees to be vaccinated by December 8. However, Apple sells products to the government, explain our colleagues.

In the meantime, Apple plans to return its employees to the office at least three days a week starting in January. This situation does not appeal to everyone in the company. Some are indeed satisfied with remote work, which has enabled them to find much more affordable housing than those located near the head office.

However, management never really appreciated teleworking. Thus, Tim Cook himself declared in September 2020: ” Frankly, it’s not like being together physically. And so I can’t wait for everyone to get back to the office. (…) We have designed our entire office so that there are common areas where people get together and talk about different things. And so I think the vast majority of us can’t wait to be in the office again. You know, hopefully that will happen next year, who knows exactly when that will be.

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