Apple has found (another) solution to make money from the App Store

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Apple would have found a solution to earn money thanks to the App Store. An interesting solution, especially when Apple’s commission is called into question. Rumors had been quite persistent for months about the arrival of advertising in the App Store.

But now Apple has pulled the rug out from under analysts’ feet, in a press release published on Friday, the Cupertino company announced the arrival of an advertisement on the “Today in the App Store” page. . But in the words of Apple itself, the ads will not be dedicated to brands known to the general public like Coca-Cola or Toyota.

Ads for apps only

Indeed, Apple assures that these advertisements “will only contain content from product pages approved by the App Store of applications”. The Cupertino company also announced that developers will be able to buy links to redirect users to their application using the product pages of other applications.

This link should be added to the “you may also like” section that already exists today. These new links, sponsored, will be advertised as “advertisements” allowing users to differentiate between what Apple’s system offers and the applications that have “forced” a place in this section.

Apple advertises, but ensures customer privacy

This system is particularly reminiscent of sponsored links in Google results. The basic principle is the same, remains to be seen for the developers if it is also interesting on the App Store to take out the checkbook. If Apple authorizes these advertisements, the Apple brand confirms at the same time its desire to reduce targeted advertising.

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When iOS 14.5 was released, Apple implemented the privacy labels. These should allow users to get an idea of ​​the personal data that is used by this or that application. If many developers, but also large groups like Meta, have tried to play the rebels, everyone has now complied with Apple’s requests.

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