Apple honored for its accessibility progress

iOS 14

Each year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) presents awards to companies that make efforts in accessibility. The idea is to encourage them to create features for people with disabilities.

“The iPhone is the most powerful assistive device”

At Apple, iOS 14 caught the jury’s attention. Jessica Rosenworcel, President of the FCC, praised developments that “ have advanced accessibility in a way that has had a significant impact on people’s lives “.

More specifically, four new features on the OS particularly appealed to the FCC: the detection of people in the Magnifier application; Group FaceTime, which recognizes a participant in sign language and highlights their video more prominently; the recognition of sounds and in particular the fact that the iPhone can listen to specific sounds such as alarms and warn the user; VoiceOver recognition which gives a fairly complete description of websites and applications.

As you might expect, the news delighted Sarah Herrlinger, senior director of global accessibility policy and initiatives at Apple:

We are very honored to receive this award. (…) Apple has always focused on creating the best products and services for our customers to learn, connect and pursue their passions. But we believe technology is truly at its best when it’s built to help everyone, including people with disabilities.

As a reminder, Apple has been making efforts for a long time with regard to accessibility and it has even become one of the axes of communication of the company. Moreover, Sarah Herrlinger already welcomed last year the positive developments on the iPhone: ” Over time, the iPhone has become the most powerful and popular assistive device of all time.

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