Apple imagines modular haptic pavers

Macbook Pro 16

In a recent patent just spotted by Patently Apple, the maker of the MacBooks describes how these machines could one day be augmented by a smarter vibrator system. This one is reminiscent of the principle of the Blocks watch or the Ara project, both of which have failed in the competition. The idea here would be to deploy motors not just under the trackpad, but everywhere else.

Recorded in Europe, the document describes via text accompanied by industrial diagrams how to articulate such a mosaic not only around the keyboard, but also below and behind the screen. In this way, the user would then be able to benefit from haptic feedback while browsing, depending on their selections or other events potentially displayed by the software.

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Accessories too

Another ideal candidate for this innovation: the Magic Mouse. Now available in several colors, it could quiver just under the palm, then directly notifying its nerve endings of a possible alert. Other devices would also be eligible for this technology, Apple citing as an example bracelets such as Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 6 or glasses. In this regard, we know that Cupertino is already working on a prototype mount.

Still on the wearable side, the engineers behind this invention also mention the case of gloves. With different body shapes for each hand, personalizing these garments by incorporating transmitters as close as possible to the most sensitive areas would be able to best stimulate each wearer. The next logical step is the accessibility that the Apple regularly defends with updates dedicated to minorities.

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No calendar at the moment

Although the idea has everything to please, it is nonetheless subject to caution. Indeed, there is no evidence that Apple aims to market a product with this advantage one day. We can only assume that internal tests have succeeded in demonstrating the viability of the concept, but here again nothing is less certain. Where rumors are topical, however, is about the upcoming iPhone 13, which will undoubtedly be equipped with a vibrator.

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