Apple MAC Apple is developing a dynamic keyboard for its future...

Apple is developing a dynamic keyboard for its future MacBooks?


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A brand new patent has just appeared, and it is signed by Apple. The latter would be interested in the development of a new kind of keyboard, which would be able to adapt quickly in several functions and layouts.

To make its keyboard as dynamic as possible, Apple would indeed like to set up small screens in each of the keys of the latter, so that the labels present on each key, which today represents a letter, a number or a symbol, can adapt according to several configurations.

The apple brand explains that each key could thus have an “associated key display”, connected to a “control circuit” via a “fiber optic plate”.

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This system would allow the keyboard to be fully “reconfigurable” with keys that can change as needed. The patent emphasizes that keyboards could thus adapt “For different languages, to temporarily convert a standard keyboard to a gaming keyboard in which the keys correspond to particular in-game actions, or to otherwise modify the behavior associated with pressing keys on the keyboard.” “

An idea that could see the light of day in the coming years?

The patent also specifies that each key could give a visual overview, if it is in upper or lower case for example. A small feature for which Apple has not given much more details, but which could be the subject of future patents on the side of Cupertino. At the moment, the keyboard models presented are mainly those found in a laptop, such as a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. But the patent also presents wireless or detachable keyboards, like what already exists for the iMac, or the Magic Keyboard of the iPad Pro.

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While this patent does not necessarily mean that Apple’s next computer will have an adaptive keyboard. The level of development of this technology may leave optimistic about its future. The idea does not seem new to Apple, and it would be logical to see the engineers of Cupertino go to the end of their project in the years to come.


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- Advertisement -Apple is developing a dynamic keyboard for its future MacBooks?Apple is developing a dynamic keyboard for its future MacBooks?

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- Advertisement -Apple is developing a dynamic keyboard for its future MacBooks?Apple is developing a dynamic keyboard for its future MacBooks?

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