Apple is in the sights of the US Department of Labor

Apple Park

While the revelations continue to rain with regard to working conditions at Apple and in particular within Apple Park, the nerve center of the brand. While the videos showcasing Apple’s all-new work speaker convey an atmosphere of calm and thoughtful work, in the midst of an ideal world, the reality seems to be much duller.

Indeed, the latest Financial Times reports report that the Cupertino company is under investigation by the US Department of Labor. A former employee of the firm, Ashley Gjovik, was reportedly informed on December 10.

A dismissal that goes wrong

The latter was fired by Apple in September for allegedly disclosing confidential information to third parties, fueling rumors around Apple products in the press, or worse yet, letting Apple’s competition have access to this information.

Since then, the former engineer has spoken on Twitter, complaining of continued harassment as well as working conditions that she describes as “dangerous” at Apple. According to her, she was fired under a false pretext by Apple which did not want to make a wave internally, and faced with these increasingly sharp protests, the firm decided to fire her.

A story that goes wrong on the side of Cupertino, the company declaring itself as “Determined to build and maintain a positive and inclusive workplace”. The brand went on to state that it was taking “All concerns [de ses employés] seriously “.

More and more testimonies

But Gjovik’s case is far from isolated. Indeed, many professionals working or having worked for Apple have expressed their dissatisfaction in recent weeks with the management. The latter must make changes, assure the employees.

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Their frustration has even made it possible to create a social media hasstag, #AppleToo, to show and publicize the abuse that can be experienced by people working at Apple. Last September, in order to calm the tensions which reign in the company, Deirdre O’Brien, person in charge, among others, of the personnel, asked the latter to communicate more with the persons in charge in order to raise the concerns at the top of the the decision chain, so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Fine speeches which were not enough to raise suspicion regarding the Apple brand. The latter is therefore well and truly under the yoke of an investigation by the labor department. For the moment the latter has not communicated about this ongoing investigation, but Apple may well hear from him in the coming weeks.

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