Apple is not done with its “Titan” project and its Apple Car

Apple Car

We’ve been telling you about the Apple Car and the Titan project for years. But we never had official communications from the Apple brand on this subject. Finally, the rare information we had, which did not come from analysts and other patent applications, came from Hyundai during its discussions with the Cupertino company.

But since the project has evolved a lot, and we must once again turn to imperfect sources to learn a little more about the Apple Car. In a survey by Nikkei Asia and a Japanese analyst firm, Apple has filed no less than 248 patents since the year 2000 on “autonomous driving software and other vehicles as well as hardware related to driving comfort.

Behind these terms are actually patents for the seats or the suspension. So many technologies on which the Apple brand has looked without us having any concrete results in sight for the moment. The Nikkei Asia report clearly shows that patent applications did not all arrive at the same time.

Apple Car: a project more alive than ever

Indeed, Apple made mass patent filings in 2017, then the applications fell sharply, in particular because of the pandemic, explains the report. But Nikkei Asia is quite confident about the future of Project Titan. The people behind the investigation explain that while all the patents filed by Apple in 2021 are not yet public, they should be as numerous as in 2017, which shows Apple’s interest in this project.

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Announced dead by some, the Titan project could be more alive than ever. If for the moment no one ventures to give a release and marketing date for Apple’s electric car, we could see it in the next few years without problem.

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