Apple is planning an iPhone 12S mini for the end of the year

iPhone 12 mini

While he has just counted on an imminent release of AirTags and an additional iPad Pro, here is youtuber Jon Prosser adding a new rumor to his panel of predictions. This one has just affirmed, in a new video, that Apple would always have in the boxes the successor of the iPhone 12 mini.

Nothing surprising, you might say. Except that in fact, the latter did not not very well sold. Even to the point that its manufacturer would have quite simply programmed a total shutdown of its production by next April. Nothing very surprising, given that it suffices to add a hundred euros to its base price to afford the “classic” iPhone 12 model or to pay about half as much for the second generation iPhone SE (at the waist more or less equivalent).

A name still so hypothetical

To date, however, it is impossible to know for sure if this device will indeed come out. Indeed, Apple will not confirm or not the noises of corridor that during its own officialization. Usually everything takes place during a keynote, online conference for a few months for the reasons that everyone knows.

This is not the only information that remains unknown for the moment. So the very name of this iPhone is still a subject of debate: who said it couldn’t be called? iPhone 13 mini ? Difficult to decide, even for the most renowned analysts who rely on one or the other solution. It is also not uncommon for Cupertino to choose to change its plans at the last moment in order to avoid leaks that harm its policy of secrecy.

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The promise of the compact format

With the iPhone 12 mini, Apple’s bias seemed to have everything to succeed: an A14 Bionic processor, 135 small grams only, reduced borders with Face ID on the front… It has almost everything of a tall. A value proposition which, in 2021, is becoming increasingly rare: manufacturers now all tend to play on functionality and performance to the detriment of size.

The result is cell phones that are often bulky or even heavy, some of which no longer fit in trouser pockets. A shame for an object that has become indispensable and destined to follow us everywhere.

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