Apple is preparing a new iMac Pro a year after the iMac M1?

Apple is preparing a new iMac Pro a year after the iMac M1?

Sometimes it is necessary to refer to very small signs to see the mountain arrived. The fact that the 27-inch iMacs with the nanotexture on the screen are no longer available for fast delivery is one of those famous “little signs”. Indeed, everywhere in the world, whether in the American market, as reported by MacRumors (the article is in source) or even on the French online store of Apple, the 27-inch iMacs with the technology of nanotexture on the screen seem to be out of stock.

Knowing Apple there is nothing surprising here. The apple brand is not the type to stock up and it prefers to make its customer wait a few weeks rather than ending up with unsold items on their hands. But for the past few days, the deadline for this precise configuration of the iMacs has lengthened considerably.

No more 27-inch iMacs, because an iMac is coming?

If you order it today from Apple’s online store, it won’t arrive until the end of March. An eternity when you know the usual delivery times of the Apple. But according to some brand experts, this much longer than usual wait is just the tree that hides the forest.

Indeed, for several weeks many Apple analysts have been reporting that Apple is about to market second-generation iMac pros. When we know that the first keynote of the year shouldn’t take too long, we tell ourselves that the announcement is coming soon, why not at the end of March for example.

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If we can see a simple coincidence here, other people close to the Apple brand see it as a sign that Apple is preparing something. And if the rumors are true, and a new generation iMac pro is well in the pipeline on the Cupertino side, that could explain this delay in deliveries.

A simple lack of parts?

But let’s not get carried away too quickly. Indeed, this is not Apple’s first delivery delay and the latter does not always mean that a new product will arrive. The configuration requested is very specific, and Apple must therefore produce these iMacs almost to measure.

For the Cupertino company, it is therefore necessary to juggle perfectly between the different productions, which requires some talent in logistics, but also very good knowledge of sourcing. A point that is lacking in the entire industry of new technologies today.

Indeed, the world is affected, for multiple reasons, by a shortage of computer chips and other advanced materials. These elements are essential for making an iMac, and the famous nanotexture that is put on the 27-inch iMacs could simply be out of stock, which would quite simply explain the delays in deliveries.

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