Apple is preparing a revolution for its next iMac Pro

iMac Pro dos

The latest Apple silicon M1 Max and M1 Pro chips amazed by their raw performance, but also by the improvements they provide compared to the M1 chip of 2020. They equip the latest MacBook Pro 14 and 16 ″. The more powerful of the two, M1 Max, can integrate a 10-core CPU and one 32-core GPU, in its most expensive version. With this, count a maximum of 64 GB of unified RAM.

If one can think that such a component could be sufficient for many uses, as well among the general public as on the side of the professionals, Apple does not seem to want to be satisfied with it. Like a tidal wave, the Apple silicon project would year after year do even more damage to the computer market. And the competition could struggle to keep pace.

2022: “duo” SoC, merger of two M1 Max or two M1 Pro

According to new information delivered by APPL Tree and Max Tech, Apple would prepare a new kind of Apple silicon chip for its next iMac Pro. He would be a question of a SoC called “duo”, that is to say that we would be entitled to a component incorporating two Apple silicon chips. We would then reach new heights in computing power.

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And hang in there, because according to the sources, we could count up to 20 cores for the CPU, 64 cores for the GPU and go up up to 128 GB of RAM

APPL Tree has already published an estimate of the performance of an iMac incorporating such a fused chip. See below :

Geekbench Apple iMac Pro silicon chip Duo

© APPL Tree

Is this a serious hypothesis? Yes, given that the iMac Pro, released in 2017, was taken off the shelves last March. Apple could have made the choice to wait for the new generation of chip to take advantage of what should be, with the Mac Pro, its most powerful desktop computer. On the other hand, several developers have already spotted in macOS references to so-called “multi-die” chips, suggesting that the Californian company would have planned upstream. the possibility of merging two M1 Pro chips or two M1 Max chips together.

2022 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year for desktop Macs.

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