Apple is the first to reach $ 3 trillion in capitalization

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It’s done: all Wall Street figures indicate that Apple weighed recently three trillion dollars, or about 10% less if we convert this amount into euros. No business has ever reached this level before, whether in the United States or elsewhere. But others are already in pursuit of the Apple, including Microsoft (in second position) and of course Google (third).

An ideal way to end the year on a high note for Cupertino, which should confirm excellent sales figures following Black Friday and the Christmas holidays. The iPhone 13 have indeed been offered under the tree in many countries, not to mention the advent of services following the deployment of the Apple One offer also generates more and more income for the group.

More growth for 2022?

According to many analysts, investment banks and other journalists with a wet finger, Apple has every chance of continuing its momentum in the months to come. The tension has certainly subsided somewhat since the three trillion mark was reached overnight, but everything suggests that it is only the calm before the storm. So much so that even lawmakers from nearly a dozen countries are now on Apple’s heels, defying its monopoly on iOS apps.

At the Worldwide Developer Conference, which will probably take place in June, we should also see Apple present for the first time its mixed reality headset to the media. According to the latest news, it could cost more than a thousand euros and finally democratize video games in VR to the general public. But that’s not all, since Macs also seem to be in preparation to complete the range of computers under Apple silicon.

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See you in January

As usual, Apple will announce its latest quarterly results at the end of the month. We will then be able to know precisely how much the firm generated in turnover during the period which extends from October to December. Unsurprisingly, the number should then exceed one hundred billion dollars.

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