Apple is working on cases that can charge AirPods

coque AirPods et iPhone

While a few days ago the question had arisen with regard to MacBooks, Apple laptops could indeed become wireless chargers for Apple Watch, iPhone or AirPods in the coming years.

But the Apple wouldn’t want to stop there. As reverse charging begins to make its entry into the competition, the Apple brand is also working on a solution to make the iPhone a portable battery for its other Apple accessories. A new idea from the Cupertino company has just arrived on the web.

A 2 in 1 case?

In a recently published patent, Apple is indeed in the process of designing a shell for its iPhone, capable of charging other devices, such as AirPods. If this hypothesis is still very uncertain, Apple’s interest in wireless charging technology is no longer to be proven. The arrival of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 just a few months ago is the best proof of this.

In detail, these new cases could charge AirPods thanks to the charging power of the iPhone itself. Apple’s patent explains in this regard: “The first terminal can receive electrical power from the portable electronic device (the iPhone) to charge the battery. And the electrical energy stored in the battery can be transferred to the accessory (AirPods) via the second terminal. “

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The patent also speaks of a “cavity” in which it would be possible to store your AirPods. A solution that already exists among third-party accessory manufacturers, but which has never allowed wireless headphones to be recharged.

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Also nuance, the patent makes the brief mention of a “side” wall to “hold” the AirPods. The image published with this patent shows AirPods placed on the top of an iPhone, like an Apple Pencil on an iPad. If this rumor does not mean that the arrival of such a case will take place in the coming weeks, the rumors around the AirPods are multiplying in recent days, and new models of Apple’s wireless headphones should be released this year.

Apple is working on cases that can charge AirPods

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