Apple is working on iPad Pro with OLED screen

iPad Pro 4

There are several rumors that the next iPad Pro slated to appear in early 2021 could feature a mini LED display, but a new report from TheElec doesn’t quite agree.

Indeed, this report speaks of an OLED panel for new iPad Pro which would arrive on the market during the second part of the year 2021. According to this new rumor, it is Samsung and LG who will be in charge of the construction of these new screens for the iPad Pro.

The report explains that this launch has not yet been confirmed by the Cupertino company, which is awaiting the release of its iPad Pro with mini LED backlighting to find out whether an OLED panel would be of interest in the high-end tablet market.

Still according to TheElec’s report, these screens would be different from those built so far for the iPhone 11 Pro and the entire range of iPhone 12. Indeed, the screens of these future iPads could have different specificities, in particular as regards concerns their wear.

Tablets are not used in the same way as smartphones and their use is often longer over time. It is rare to only turn on the screen of your tablet to reply to a message or check the time as you can do with your phone, so an OLED solution, over long uses, could suffer from overheating and loss. brightness over time. This problem would explain why Apple is hoping that displays with micro-LED backlighting are more successful than OLED displays.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9 “128 GB

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