Apple is working on new MacBook Pros and a Mac mini M2

MacBook Pro M2

According to the latest edition of Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter, Apple is about to release a new version of its MacBook Pros. If the high-end laptop from Apple has already had the right to an update during the last edition of WWDC, with the arrival of the M2 chip, other models are still on the way.

Gurman indeed ensures that the Cupertino company is currently working on new models of its laptop. In all likelihood, Tim Cook’s teams should offer versions with the M2 Pro and M1 Max chip, like last year.

MacBook Pro and Mac mini for 2022

The Bloomberg reporter also seems to have a detailed plan of Apple’s plans for its computers. If several rumors speak of the arrival of a MacBook Pro at the start of the school year, Gurman believes that it is too early and that Apple will wait until the end of the year to update its device.

According to him, the arrival of the MacBook Pro will not be the only one at the end of the year. Gurman explains in particular that a new Mac mini would be in the pipes on the side of Cupertino. For 2023, Gurman expects a launch of a Mac Pro but also an iMac and a 15-inch MacBook Air.

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Quite reliable ads

If the calendar for these three products is still rather vague, the Bloomberg journalist, always well informed when it comes to the Apple brand, seems quite sure of himself. According to the appletrack site, Mark Gurman is today one of the most reliable analysts when it comes to Apple. He has a success rate on his past announcements of 86%, which places him well ahead of Ming-Chi Kuo (72%), the other well-known Apple analyst.

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