Apple is working on products mixing hardware, software and services

Tim Cook Keynote iPhone 12

During his quarterly earnings presentation conference, Apple boss Tim Cook took the opportunity to present the products Apple is working on, without giving any big tempting details about the next iPhone or the progress of the famous Apple, Car, the boss of the Cupertino company has engaged in a little guessing game with investors.

Indeed in an enigmatic sentence, Tim Cook assured that Apple liked to work on products where ” hardware, software and services come together. The magic happens at this intersection. “ For Cook.

“Good opportunities to be seized” for Apple

Apple CEO said there were “good opportunities” for Apple to explore and the Apple brand now needs to work in large markets, where its market share is still low (India is the best example).

He also said the company “feels good” in the service area, which Apple has been working on for several years and which has been the focus of several announcements in 2020, including the launch of Apple Fitness + and Apple One. . Symbol that Apple’s service branch is doing well, it brought in $ 16 billion in 2020, which is 41% more than in 2019.

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