Apple is working to get out of the Chinese production monopoly

usine Foxconn de Zhenghzou

Apple no longer wants China. If this conclusion may seem quite harsh, especially for a country which is one of the leading markets for the Apple, the facts are there. In discussion for months (years) with its suppliers, the apple brand is trying to diversify its manufacturing plants.

For a long time it was said of the iPhone that it was “Designed in Cupertino & Made in China”, but the maxim has aged badly and the iPhones of tomorrow may not see Chinese factories. While the geopolitical tensions between Beijing and Washington over the end of Donald Trump’s term gave Apple the first impetus, the apple brand did not stop its momentum with the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House.

Apple: an inconvenient addiction

Apple wants to get out of China’s manufacturing monopoly and is talking to its suppliers so that they open factories in neighboring countries. India is the main winner in this story, with Foxconn, one of Apple’s biggest suppliers opening several factories there in recent years, and more are still in the pipeline.

While the health issue has still not been fully resolved in China (where confinements were still in effect a few weeks ago), Apple is suffering a lot from these closures. The recent lockdown in the Shanghai region shut down one of the country’s biggest factories.

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Blocked by the decisions of the Chinese government, Apple would like to get rid of this vice, and turn to India or Vietnam, so as not to put all its eggs in one basket. Today a small part of the production of the Cupertino company is already happening in India and Vietnam.

Still more factories in India and Vietnam?

Despite recent protests and blockades of factories in northern India, Apple wants to turn to this country where labor is as expensive as in China, and where qualifications are not lacking . When it comes to Vietnam, the country has very low-cost labor that focuses on simple and time-consuming tasks in building an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

As a reminder, Apple, the flagship of Silicon Valley, has no factory in the United States despite the pious wishes of the tenants of the White House. One year ago, it’s TSMCApple’s supplier of its “A” and “M” series chips, which has announced the opening of a factory on American soil.

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