Apple iPhone Apple is working to integrate Face ID under the...

Apple is working to integrate Face ID under the screen


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Many of Apple’s recently disclosed patents and patent applications targeted Face ID and its insertion below the screen. One of the patents talks about a battery that also serves as a haptic feedback engine and that integrates Wi-Fi antennas into the screens. Apple seems to be looking at everything that can be included in an Apple Watch or an iPhone screen.

The idea for Apple seems to be to integrate sensors, useful for the operation of Touch ID and Face ID, directly into the screen. Ultimately, that means the screen you are looking at can be looking directly at you. And this without adding significantly to the thickness of the screen or the device.

In one of these Apple patents speaks of a “network of photodetectors which can be configured in various ways, such as a biometric sensor, a camera or a depth sensor”, the latter could therefore “generate an image (a 2D image), a depth map (a 3D image) or a video clip ”.

If there is no revolution on the part of Apple, the Cupertino company being quite capable of producing these sensors today, it focuses on an “update” of these sensors, making them cheaper and thinner.

Return of Touch ID and end of the notch?

Since the arrival of Face ID on the iPhone X, it’s been a big topic of discussion for Apple customers. Every year, there is talk of this notch, too large, too imposing, which cuts the screen, where the competition manages to concentrate a “similar” technology in a small punch. But ultimately, despite rumors from year to year, Face ID is still there, and its future seems to be decided on the Apple side.

If the installation of the sensor under the screen does take place one day, it is still too early to know when it will take place. The patent applications that have been published today relate to how such a photodetector can be included in the display. It would thus be “attached to the multilayer structure”.

Photodetectors record light, so it is conceivable that such a device could be a real camera. In this case, a Face ID camera. “The array of photodetectors … can be configured to function as a front camera, a bioauthentication sensor or a facial recognition sensor,” explains the patent.

If such technology arrives on an iPhone, at the end of this year or in the more distant future, it would then be possible to see an iPhone without the slightest notch, with Face ID (and why not Touch ID?) Under the screen. , or rather, in the screen.

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- Advertisement -Apple is working to integrate Face ID under the screenApple is working to integrate Face ID under the screen

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- Advertisement -Apple is working to integrate Face ID under the screenApple is working to integrate Face ID under the screen

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