Apple is working to support multiple users on its devices

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It could be a revolution for iPhone, iPad and MacBook users. According to a latest patent recently awarded to Apple, the Apple brand is working to make its devices multi-user.

If the patent does not exclude from applying to “portable computers” it would be more interesting to see this functionality on iPhone or iPad, Macs already having user sessions which allow the use of the computer to be segmented. .

The product for which this kind of development is the most interesting would probably be Apple tablets. The Apple brand knows that its iPads can be used by one or more people from the same family, who use them completely differently. Apple is now looking to strike the right balance between data privatization, without making all sessions hermetic from each other.

The idea is that certain features can be shared, while marking a clear separation between each session. Apple is also working on how access to sessions could be secured. La Pomme would consider developing a FaceID system for each session, in order to make them open automatically. If this idea is still at the project stage, it appeared on the last patent filed by Apple.

Several sessions to better secure use

The Cupertino company is also considering the security that will have to be put in place, and in the same way as what already exists with the competition, Apple could borrow the model of administrators and users, in order to give several levels of access to its customers . One session could thus have more right pass than another, in order to allow an agent not to give too great liberties to the sessions of his children, and to monitor their use of the tablet (in the case of iPads).

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Today, the development of such a feature is in high demand by the Apple community. Especially when it comes to iPads, which are now the family products par excellence. Children play on the tablet that their father or mother works with, which can pose data security concerns. Mishandling a child can quickly have serious consequences.

This was the case, for example, for the Johnson family who had not secured their iPad, and whose youngest son spent nearly $ 16,000 on online games on the App Store. A situation that could have been avoided with the implementation of a parental code or another security system already present on the tablet. But this problem could become even rarer on iPads if the latter had multiple sessions.

On the other hand, setting up iPad session sharing could lower the number of sales from Apple. While one tablet might be enough for a whole family, they won’t buy two or three like they can today. Either way, the issue does not seem to be resolved at Appel, which continues to work on developing its multi-user system on a single device.

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