Apple is working well on a new Mac mini according to Gurman

Mac mini M1

In recent weeks, many analysts of the Apple brand believe that Apple is preparing for the arrival of a new version of its Mac mini. If Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman had been rather discreet on the subject until now, he has just come out of the silence.

According to the expert from the Cupertino company, the latter would be working on a Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro. As a reminder, the Mac mini was first released with an “M” series chip in November 2020 when the latter was presented. Arrived alongside the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the Mac mini has never been updated by Apple unlike the two portable products.

Gurman explains today in the new edition of its “Power On” newsletter that Apple had worked well in 2020 on the arrival of a Mac mini M1 Pro, but that the latter had never seen the light of day. The most likely would therefore be that Apple will offer a Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro in the coming months, updating its very first device compatible with “Apple Silicon” chips.

A Mac Pro in the boxes

Gurman also believes that Apple should limit itself to the M2 and M2 Pro chips, leaving the “Max” and “Ultra” versions for the Mac Pro. The Bloomberg reporter expects Apple’s most powerful computer to also be updated in the coming months. The arrival of “Apple Silicon” chips has changed many things for the Apple brand and the latter has already offered the Mac Studio last March.

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This device halfway between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro should not however be very durable over time. Gurman ensures that Apple does not want to compete with its Mac Pro with a device designed for the same clientele. If all these rumors are yet to be confirmed, Apple could do so in the fall with a keynote dedicated to “Apple Silicon” devices.

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