Apple just released an iCloud Keychain extension in Chrome

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If the apple brand has often been criticized for being very closed in on itself and reluctant to offer its functionalities outside its ecosystem, things seem to be changing slightly in Cupertino. In recent months, Apple has made efforts to make its services more open, and has also taken the opportunity to make Apple Music and others, real advertising tools for the Apple brand. The Cupertino company is indeed interested more and more in potential customers who do not yet use Apple products, and who could discover the brand with services, such as Apple Music.

As further proof of this opening of its functions to the greatest number, Apple has just set up an extension of its iCloud keychain, its in-house password manager, on Chrome, the internet browser of rival Google.

An extension that changes everything?

This little novelty should make life easier for many Mac users who use Chrome as their default browser. The extension will also be available on Windows computers, but the use of an iCloud keychain on these devices is less likely, although Apple explains in its press release that the passwords that will be created on Windows devices connected to the iCloud account will be directly synchronized there, so that they are accessible from an Apple device. In other words, if you have a computer running Windows, you synchronize your passwords with your iCloud Keychain, they will end up on your iPhone or iPad.

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Even more simply, if on the same user you use Safari and Chrome, a password that will be saved on one of the two browsers will necessarily synchronize automatically on the other.

The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store, the link to download it is just here.

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