Apple launches iPhone-to-iPhone payment at Apple Stores


A few weeks ago images of possible payment from one iPhone to another caused a stir. The latter thus referred to the “tap to pay on iPhone” functionality announced by Apple last February without the Apple brand giving any release date.

Seen through the Apple Park Visitor Center, this feature should, according to the latest information from Mark Gurman about it, be deployed in Apple Stores across the country. Gurman even specifies that it should be possible to test this feature in Apple Stores tomorrow.

Immediate launch in US Apple Stores

For its part, the Cupertino company declared that the functionality would be launched “later this year” a well-known turn of phrase at Apple which allows the brand not to give an exact date, while raising some expectation with his audience.

Eventually, the “tap to pay on iPhone” feature should enable merchants to accept contactless payments via supported iOS apps. According to the first rumors, all models from the iPhone XS to today should be affected by this update and this new feature.

It would therefore be possible to transfer money via NFC technology from one iPhone to another. Apple explaining that the Apple Watch should also quickly enter the dance, which also benefit from the Wallet functionality, which allows you to add credit cards.

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An arrival in France for when?

For the moment the Wallet functionality allows you to make payments with your iPhone, but not to receive money, for this you must have a special TPE, but this could well change in the coming months.

Still in the test phase in the American Apple Stores, this functionality is likely to arrive in the coming months in a few privileged countries, before being deployed on a global scale. It is therefore possible that we will have the possibility of buying our Christmas gifts by paying from iPhone to iPhone, but no official timetable has yet been given by Apple.

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