Apple launches new school for developers

Apple Developer Academy

Detroit (MI) has just welcomed the first students of the new Apple Developer Academy. However, its ambitions and commercial objectives are not yet very clear. Ultimately, the Apple could however capture a multibillion-dollar market whose best-known French players are probably Epitech and 42. The latter being signed by Xavier Niel, also behind the Kima Ventures fund, the Station F and Free incubator.

The Apple branch in question is launched in collaboration with Michigan State University and takes place in a very specific context. The city that saw the birth of Techno is indeed undergoing a renaissance after having suffered the worst bankruptcy in the history of the United States. But today, the IT and new technologies sectors are the leading figures of activities attracting more and more private and foreign investors on the spot.

Social justice at the rendezvous

One of the key aspects of this new program is to be part of the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, a movement launched by Apple to promote gender equality and end discrimination. Tim Cook had already mentioned the subject in a recent interview with the Fox News channel across the Atlantic.

According to Lisa Jackson, the green lady of Cupertino: “We believe apps for everyone should be designed by everyone, and all aspiring developers and entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to participate in the thriving app economy“. An argument that resonates particularly with the history of Motown from the end of the twentieth century to the present day.

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A new source of brains for iOS

Today the world’s largest company with nearly $ 2.5 trillion in capitalization on Wall Street, Apple is not at its first address of its kind. Indeed, several years earlier, the firm had already opened another similar school in Italy. Will it be able to dominate a new ultra-competitive market, at a time when technical teams are the most in demand on the planet? It’s hard to know, but for now, as its CEO likes to remind, the company has no “dominant position”In the matter.

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