Apple launches payment in 24 installments free of charge in France

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Until then, we were sometimes entitled, at Apple, to the possibility of buying our Mac or iPhone on credit, with 0% interest rate. This free credit offer was actually not offered permanently on the Apple Store. On the other hand, the Californian firm offered, all year round, the possibility of making a purchase in its store on credit with an interest rate close to 10%.

But for a few hours, there has been a change in the matter. Now Apple offers two forms of zero-rate financing on most of its products: payment in 24 times and payment in 4 times.

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Apple makes credit, and soon rental?

In fact, as indicated by the Apple website web page dedicated to new free financing offersyou can take advantage of payment in 24 monthly installments only for purchases costing more than €250, and only for the following products:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • AppleWatch
  • MagicKeyboard

Payment in 4 instalments is reserved for purchases costing between €40 and €4,000 and for the following products:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • AppleWatch
  • MagicKeyboard
  • SmartKeyboard
  • Folio
  • Smart Folio
  • Apple Pencil

These financing offers are supported by Alma, a service specializing in purchases with payment in installments. Note however that Macs are obviously not included here. So you can’t buy a MacBook Air M2 in 24 installments free of charge from Apple… Too bad! Ditto for all AirPods or Apple TV and HomePod mini.

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However, you have to be careful with this type of financing, even at zero interest. Remember that it is above all a creditand that by making such a purchase with installment payment, you are committed to paying up to the last euro due.

And then, this major change at Apple obviously brings to mind the rumor that the Californian firm will consider in the medium or long term a rental system for its products, with which you will have to return the device in case of exit from the rental contract, similar to the long-term rental offers for cars, which have become more and more popular in recent years. There is also the fear that Apple will take advantage of these new means of financing to drastically increase the price of its products.

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