Apple Maps finally supports road incident alerts in France

Cône d'avertissement de danger sur la route

Our colleagues at iGen have noted a change that went unnoticed in Apple Plans and yet highly anticipated: the addition of road accident reporting. The Californian firm is deploying, it seems, the functionality at this very moment with iPhone owners in France.

To report an accident using this new feature, a road itinerary must be launched. Then simply scroll down the bottom tab by pressing the small arrow, before choosing “Report an incident”. You can then choose between “Accident” and “Danger”.

This feature was already present in Apple Plans in the United States, but also in various European countries before arriving in France. Its deployment to us may take some time. In writing, for example, no iPhone can currently take advantage of it. Do not hesitate to tell us if this is the case on your iPhone!

You will note that, contrary to what the functionality offers in other areas of the globe, in France, there is no not possible to indicate the presence of a speed detector in Apple Maps (not even in Google Maps). The law prohibits radar warning devices since the addition of article R413-15 in the Highway Code. According to him, therefore, in the country, any system for locating a police control device is completely illegal. We will therefore be satisfied, in Apple Plans, with a very limited choice: accident/danger.

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Who among you is an Apple Maps user? And who prefers to turn to alternatives such as Google Maps, Waze, or other?

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