Apple must pay more than 5 million euros in fines in the Netherlands

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In recent months, market and competition management authorities have found a brand new target: Apple. If the Cupertino company is not the only company to be in the sights of the authorities, Google is just as much, the apple brand has remained at the heart of criticism since the start of the “Fortnite affair” and its dispute with Epic Games.

Not content with already having this legal case to resolve on American soil, Apple must now fight against the market surveillance authorities of several countries, all over the world. If Apple has already given in to pressure from South Korea, it has chosen to fight in the Netherlands, where the Apple brand is fined.

5 million per week

Indeed, Apple was under investigation because of the App Store’s payment systems. The Cupertino company not allowing third-party systems to develop within its platform, many authorities saw this as unfair and illegal behavior.

This Monday we learned that this investigation has now been completed and that the time for threats has come to an end. Apple was therefore fined 5 million euros, an amount that may be requested from the Apple brand every week until the latter comes to comply with the country’s antitrust laws.

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Clearly insufficient efforts

According to Apple “the necessary” had been done to be in conformity on January 15, as wanted by the first Dutch court decision. While a procedure is underway to overturn this court decision, Apple had to, as the firm did in South Korea, comply with the rules pending an appeal judgment.

According to the commissioners in charge of the case in Amsterdam, not everything has been done, and therefore Apple must pay a fine. According to the Dutch authorities, nothing has changed within the App Store and dating apps (which are the heart of the matter here) are still unable to use third-party funding systems.

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