Apple no longer sells it but the product is more expensive than ever


Withdrawn from sale by Apple in March 2021 after three long years of good and loyal service, the HomePod gave way to the HomePod Mini. But the first version of Apple’s connected speaker increases in value as time passes. On second-hand merchant sites, the average selling price of the HomePod is $347, whereas it was launched at $349 by Apple more than 4 years ago.

Apple had quickly lowered the selling price of its HomePod below $300 due to very weak sales and a product that failed to convince. After three years on the market, the HomePod was no longer produced and sold by Apple, the Cupertino company focusing on the HomePod Mini, released in October 2020.

Digging into eBay’s search data, 6,610 HomePods were sold on the platform, with an average sale price 15% above Apple’s retail price. In detail, 2,082 new or sealed HomePods were sold during this period with an average selling price of $432.27.

Ever more expensive HomePods

A phenomenon that seems to be accelerating last week, used or refurbished HomePods sold for an average price of $336.03, while new HomePods sold for an average price of $638.76 , indicating a steady rise in value.

Despite the very limited features and performance of Apple’s HomePod, which is equipped with the A8 chip from the iPhone 6, sales seem to be persisting. As fewer and fewer new HomePods are available for sale, prices continue to climb.

Apple HomePod

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