Apple no longer signs iOS 14.2.1 and leaves the field open to iOS 14.3

iOS 14

Since yesterday, Apple has stopped signing iOS version 14.2.1. This means that for an iPhone running iOS 14.3 or an iPhone running iOS 14.2 or older, there is either no rollback possible, or only the choice to update to iOS 14.3.

This is a classic procedure operated by Apple some time after the release of the latest version of its mobile OS. The goal of the maneuver is obviously to push as many compatible iOS devices as possible to the latest update. This benefits both Apple, which inflates its statistics, but also the user, who is pushed to update to enjoy the latest bug and security flaw fixes. Unless the only version offered is completely problematic, which fortunately is not at all the case with iOS 14.3.

Special case for this time, whereas usually, the stop of the signature of an old version arrives about a week after the release of the new one, here, the time between the two events was longer, festivals of end of the year oblige.

Version 14.3 of iOS was indeed released on December 14th with several new features in the program. It has therefore been more than three weeks that compatible devices can enjoy it.

The next version of iOS, 14.4, is already in beta testing. However, it should be less provided with new features than the previous update.

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