Apple offers a “Walkie-Talkie” API to app developers

Apple iOS 16

Apple finally lifted the veil on the iOS 16 operating system during its annual WWDC conference keynote. And overall, we can say that the Cupertino company has had plenty of new features for the iPhone.

But in addition to these new features announced during the keynote addressed to the general public, the firm also has good news for developers. As 9to5Mac explains, Apple offers a number of new APIs. And these will allow developers to improve their iOS applications, or even develop new features.

Apple launches a new tool to allow developers to create Walkie-Talkie apps

Among these new APIs, there is one called “Push to Talk”. This will allow developers to offer walkie-talkie type features on the iPhone.

“We’re coming in loud and clear to help you integrate walkie-talkie communication into your app – done! Find out how you can add a prominent system user interface to your Push to Talk app, enabling fast communication at the touch of a button. We’ll introduce you to the PushToTalk framework and show you how to configure your apps to transmit and receive audio, even in the background. To get the most out of this session, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with managing audio transmission on the backend of your application »we read in the summary of a session that Apple organized for the developers.

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In essence, the new API will allow developers to create apps that allow iPhone users to communicate in Walkie-Talkie mode, and it will all work even when the app is in the background. According to the Cupertino company, this type of application can be useful in times when rapid communication is essential, for example in the medical field or for emergency services.

As Apple showed during its demonstration, it is possible to transmit audio directly from an app that uses this new API. And when the app is in the background, but the user is in a communication channel, a blue pill appears on the top of the screen and the user only has to press it to bring up a interface allowing it to transmit again.

This iOS novelty is reminiscent of the walkie-talkie functionality already present on the Apple Watch. Moreover, it is likely that once this API is launched, Apple should also integrate it into its FaceTime application.

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