Apple once again becomes number one in sales in China


Clearly, the iPhone 13 seems to take Apple to a new level in terms of sales of smartphones. According to the latest statements from Counterpoint Research, the Cupertino company is indeed the best-selling brand of phones in China last month. This is the first time this has happened since December 2015, analysts say.

Apple dominates Huwaei in premium smartphone segment

In detail, we learn that the iPhone 13 serves as a locomotive for the Apple brand, whose sales increased by 46% in October compared to the previous month. This is all the more remarkable given that the Chinese smartphone market has grown by only 2% at the same time. Thus, many consumers would have decided to wait for the Single Day scheduled for November 11 to buy a new device. In this favorable context for Apple, its rivals have also recorded a decrease in sales.

Within the Middle Empire, there no longer seems to be a natural leader. Tarun Pathak, Research Director at Counterpoint Research, explains:

Since Huawei’s decline, the number one spot in China is changing hands. OPPO became No. 1 in January 2021, while Vivo reached No. 1 in March 2021. Market dynamics changed again in October, with Apple becoming the new No. 1 OEM for the first time since December 2015. This evolution is due to the success of the iPhone 13 series, which was also launched cheaper than the iPhone 12 series in China. (…) Apple, with its strong brand value, is making the most of the gap left by Huawei in the high-end segment. Apple could have won more if there had been no shortage, especially for the Pro versions. But Apple still manages its supply chain better than other OEMs.

These results do not really surprise us. We mentioned earlier this month, Apple’s second place in the IDC ranking with a very good form from the Cupertino company on the European market. Once again, the success of the iPhone 13 was cited as one of the company’s main strengths.

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