Apple once again becomes the most valuable brand in the world

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While the brand’s stock market title (APPL) was the very first to cross the symbolic $ 2 trillion mark, brand value indices attempt to determine the value of the brand name itself, as opposed to to the company. More specifically, he estimates the costs that could be earned by licensing the brand, a kind of assessment of the prestige of the latter.

In its annual report, MarketWatch reports that the first place in this ranking has been regained by Apple, which had been dethroned by Amazon 5 years ago. The value of the brand at the apple would have thus climbed by 87% during the year 2020, to reach 263.4 billion dollars, according to the Global Brand Finance 500 index 2021.

This increase is explained in particular by Apple’s new diversification strategy, seeking to conquer new markets, such as subscription services (Apple Music in the lead). The possibility that the Apple will eventually develop an electric car in the future and the return to the foreground of these rumors has also had a positive impact on the prestige of the Apple brand.

Amazon and Google close the podium, Tesla intrigues

In the rest of the ranking, Amazon and Google are the two firms that complete the podium. A trio unchanged for almost 7 years according to the report of Brand, the organization behind this ranking.

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In the good “surprises” of this ranking, Tesla. Elon Musk’s brand was the fastest growing brand of the year, jumping 158% to $ 32 billion. Brand Finance stated that “Record sales figures, ramping up of production and expansion into new markets” have helped strengthen the brand of the electric car manufacturer. In the future, Elon Musk and his cars will have to be at the top of this ranking, even if the figures of the young company cannot yet compete with established giants like Apple, Google or Amazon.

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