Apple opposes EU single charger


The idea of ​​a single charger for phones and electronic devices has been gaining ground in Europe for several years now, and it took a decisive step this week with a Commission proposal.

Concretely, this project would force all manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, cameras, headsets, and portable game consoles, to offer a USB-C port. This would be a world first that would affect Apple and all of its competitors.

This project risks “stifling innovation”, according to Apple

Among the benefits of such a measure are environmental benefits with reduced waste and greater convenience for consumers. A global savings of 293 million dollars per year for customers is envisaged by the Executive of the old continent.

The news is not to the taste of Apple, however, which reacted through a press release. The Cupertino company explains as follows:

We remain concerned that strict regulations mandating only one type of connector stifle innovation rather than encourage it, which in turn will hurt consumers in Europe and globally.

The company is also concerned about the two-year transition period before switching to the single charger, which it finds insufficient. Apple, however, should not take a dim view that this project proposes that chargers be sold separately from electronic devices. An approach that it has already applied to its products since last year.

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Note that there is still some way to go before a final adoption. The legislative process should be completed in 2022 according to the Commission and it is only from there that the transition period should start.

As a reminder, the European Parliament voted for a resolution in favor of the single charger last February. In their statement, MEPs already made the same arguments as those put forward by the Commission: ‘ The excessive supply of chargers leads to excessive costs and inconvenience for consumers in addition to generating an unnecessary ecological footprint “.

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