Apple owes $95 million to people who paid Apple Care+


It is not uncommon to see groups of people taking legal action against large companies, especially new technologies. These procedures, called in English “class action” are triggered against a firm if the latter has caused damage to a large part of its customers.

When you are a brand as well known as Apple, the downside of this celebrity is to be often (if not always) confronted with this kind of legal battle, customers always finding a way to be disappointed with their experience with one of the apple brand products.

Apple Care+ at the center of the debate

Today it is the people who have used Apple Care + who are claiming to be compensated. Indeed, Apple offers this insurance system that allows you to repair your phone or tablet at no additional cost. A great idea from Apple which, for marketing reasons, ensures that the products will be returned with new or upgraded parts with a performance and reliability rate “equivalent” to new.

And it is this little word slipped into the lines of the Apple Care+ contracter that risks costing the Apple brand dearly. Indeed, according to the people who took Apple to court, the Cupertino company would not offer parts as efficient as new.

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A little word that changes everything

A heavy allegation of consequence since it is then a contract in violation of several American laws, including the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act and the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. While the trial is about to end, a final hearing will take place on April 27, Apple has been found guilty by American justice in this story.

According to the judge in charge of this case Apple cannot affirm that the parts have a level of functioning and a lifespan “equivalent” to new. The apple brand was therefore ordered to pay 95 million dollars in compensation to the victims.

The latter have until March 4 to come forward, or withdraw from the trial and not receive their share. According to information shared by the MacRumors site, all people who subscribed to Apple Care + between July 20, 2012 and September 30, 2021 are affected by this case and therefore have the right to claim their share of the gift.

It is possible to join this class action by clicking on this link.

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