Apple Pay is a safer solution than traditional credit cards?

Tap to Pay Apple

Apple has just released three new short advertising clips promoting Apple Pay. The system allowing payment via smartphone should benefit from a major change in the coming weeks with the “tap to pay” which allows financial transactions to be carried out by simply sticking an iPhone to another.

But if this solution is not available at the moment, French users must be content with Apple Pay. Apple’s payment system has just been announced by Apple itself as safer than conventional bank cards.

Indeed the Cupertino company explains that the credit cards we use can be stolen, used by a third party. A malicious person can also retrieve the information he needs, the card numbers, with just a glance or a photo.

The iPhone: the secure sanctuary of our bank cards?

If this information is not completely accurate (you would have to be very good at reading the cryptogram on the back of the card with a nod of the head), Apple nevertheless presents fairly solid arguments to defend its payment system since smartphone or connected watch.

Indeed the fact that the card is accessible on an iPhone or an Apple Watch does not make it more vulnerable. On the contrary Apple Pay asks to verify the identity of the user with each purchase (and fortunately). It will therefore be asked to use FaceID or to enter its code.

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If examples of fraud have already taken place, the risk is quite low, and it is better for a thief to take your credit card rather than your iPhone. For the moment, the three Apple advertisements are only available on the brand’s English YouTube channel. Nothing has yet appeared on the French or American version of the apple brand, but it should be soon.

Apple Pay is today at the center of many discussions. The system is being sued for allegedly violating US antitrust rules. These should, on paper, force Apple to let third-party systems develop within its iPhone. In the case of Apple Pay, it is solutions like Samsung or Google Pay that could make their arrival.

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