Apple Pay will work outside of Safari with iOS16

Utilisation Apple Pay en magasin

It is one of the safest payment solutions today (at least according to Apple). The apple brand has been developing Apple Pay for several years and while the system is taking on an unprecedented scale in this year 2022, it could leave its nest.

He who cut his teeth in Safari could soon be used by other services and applications. A new version of the iOS 16 beta indeed suggests that Apple’s payment system could see the light of day in new forms. Without revolutionizing itself, the payment service could be accessible in the coming months from other browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Apple Pay opens up to competition

According to Steve Moser, a contributor for the information site MacRumors, sites like that take payment with Apple Pay into account still offer this functionality, even once released from the native Apple browser. For the moment this minor modification of Apple Pay has only arrived on iPhone and iPad.

Indeed the update of the last beta of macOS Ventura does not allow to have the same result. So far users have seen changes for Apple Pay on the phone and tablet versions. Both devices support Apple’s payment service with both Chrome and Firefox.

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If this announcement necessarily pleases a large number of users, many must now hope that such a change will also, and above all, happen on Macs, which are the devices most likely to use another internet browser.

Safari: more in danger than ever

Today it is estimated that just over a billion people use Safari. The browser designed by Apple owes its popularity mainly to the iPhone, a field that it masters from start to finish and where the competition is quite weak, although it does exist.

As a reminder, Apple is now targeted by several investigations concerning the promotion of its own products. One of the current procedures focuses precisely on the applications installed by default by Apple, such as Safari. If Apple were to lose this new legal battle, the Cupertino company should let its users choose between similar solutions such as Safari, Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

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