Apple plans new Macs for 2021 according to Kuo

MacBook Pro 2020

While the year 2021 has barely started, Apple’s top analysts are playing “Ms. Irma” to disentangle the true from the false, among the rumors currently circulating around the apple brand. Among the experts who know the bowels of Apple Park the best, Ming-Chi Kuo’s name is obvious.

Renowned specialist of the Cupertino company, he has often distinguished himself for his predictions on the future of the apple brand. His opinion is widely followed when it comes to the future of Apple, so when he makes his predictions for the year 2021, everyone listens.

The MacBook Pro, still at the heart of expectations

And Kuo hasn’t been stingy with forecasts for this year. Indeed, the analyst foresees in particular change at the Mac level. The computer sector has already undergone a 90-degree turn in the last months of this year 2020, with the arrival of the M1 chip. The very first stone of the Apple Silicon project, which already seems to be bearing fruit with performance well above the rest of the market.

But for Kuo, the year 2021 will not be synonymous with stagnation. On the contrary, Apple could take advantage of this new year to anchor the M1 chips (or M2 according to some rumors) a little more in its computers, quickly making Intel forget. Another change to come in this year is the design of the models. Indeed, if Kuo announces that it will again be the MacBook Pro that will be the center of attention, the latter will have a very different appearance than last November. The analyst is still vague on the new design of the MacBook Pro.

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Mini-LED: the technology that will set the pace for 2021?

Apple’s laptop is expected to come to the public in the coming months in two different sizes. A first, 16 inches, which is already quite well known to Apple customers. But a second, unprecedented 14-inch size should also make its appearance in 2021.

Both MacBook Pro models are expected to come with a mini-LED display. The technology will be rolled out to various models over the course of the year, before perhaps making its way onto the 2022 iPhones.

Mac pro and iMac rather for 2022?

In other Kuo predictions for Apple’s computers branch. The Mac Pro as well as the iMac should also see new models arriving. The integration of the M1 (or M2) chip should take place later this year for its two models. Turning the Apple Silicon page once and for all. But Kuo is still very careful about the release date of these new models. It’s hard to say if it will be at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

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