Apple plans to invest more than $ 3.6 billion in Kia

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According to Korean news site DongA Ilbo, which Blomberg has since recited, Apple is about to make an investment in Kia’s capital to the tune of $ 3.6 billion.

According to the information gathered Kia could build the future Apple Car in its American plant based in Georgia. The agreement could be signed in the coming days, the date of February 17 has already been announced by the Asian news site. The idea for Apple would be to start production of vehicles as soon as possible in order to release Apple’s car in 2024, a date that Ming-Chi Kuo had favored a few weeks ago.

If other announcements had been of a shorter production time for Apple’s car, 2024 now seems a realistic option given the progress of the file in recent months. But the Apple will not have to slow down if it wants to fit into its ultra tight schedule. Especially since, still according to information from the Korean site, Apple would also like to be able to make a general public launch, with a production of 100,000 vehicles per year from the launch of the car.

Hyundai and Apple: is it ultimately yes?

In any case, this information strengthens the links between the Hyundai group, to which Kia belongs, and Apple. If the two companies have been in negotiations for weeks, they may well have found an end with this very substantial investment proposal from the Cupertino company. The latter should reassure Hyundai executives, who, according to information gathered by Reuters, were not all ready to sign with Apple in the production of this car of the future.

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If the publicity for the group is certain, some Hyundai executives fear that the role of the car manufacturer will be less than that of the Apple brand in this partnership, something that the Korean does not want, he who wants to keep his sovereignty and not to become “A subcontractor like Foxconn” in particular declared one of the leaders of Hyundai to the press agency.

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