Apple postpones the return to the office (again) because of the COVID


You thought so at the end, here it comes back at a gallop. The coronavirus that appeared at the end of 2019 in Asia is already beginning its sixth wave in the United States, where many Apple employees work. The firm’s headquarters in Cupertino employs more than twelve thousand people according to official figures, not including other annexes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lately, however, the situation seemed to improve: Apple had chosen to force its teams to return at least three days a week to the office from May 23. But with more than a hundred thousand new contaminations at Uncle Sam’s on Tuesday alone, the firm finally decided to reconsider one’s decision (one more time). That’s what learned Bloomberg in a just leaked internal memo.

A victory for some

Apple speaks here of a indefinite postponement : it is therefore not known precisely when the three-day calendar will be in force again. No doubt, however, this is great news for anyone who enjoys working from home or in third-party coworking spaces. The advantages of this solution are numerous, particularly in terms of well-being and flexibility.

Unfortunately, the iPhone manufacturer wants to put an end to the democratization of this practice within its workforce. Indeed, it is already imposed on employees to come at least two days a week in its premises. A positioning that divides, going so far as to push a renowned machine learning engineer to resign.

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Beware of restrictions

In addition to this delay, Apple has announced that everyone in its Silicon Valley addresses will again have to wear a mask in common areas. This therefore includes hallways, meeting rooms, restaurants, shared offices, etc.

In France, the situation seems rather stabilized for the moment with almost three times less contamination on May 17. But several brands are also open on the spot, the fate of which is also at risk if the pandemic comes to gain momentum in Europe.

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