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You may have seen them at the foot of the Mac Studio and its Studio Display during the presentation of the latter two during Apple’s “Peek Performance” keynote this Tuesday, March 8. In addition to this powerful computer thanks to the M1 Ultra chip, and a 5K Retina screen displaying a billion colors, Apple presented, more briefly, a new Magic Keyboard, as well as a Magic Mouse and a Magic Trackpad in a brand new colors.

If the products were only entitled to a few seconds of presentation during the very busy conference, Apple does not seem to have introduced major new software or hardware. Indeed, only the color would have changed for these products that we already know very well.

Presented all in black, the three accessories actually benefit from a touch of silver which makes it possible to approach the very clear tones of the Mac Studio.

Black costs more than white at Apple

To obtain this new color, it will nevertheless be necessary to spend a little more money than usual. Indeed, the official Apple store in France offers the mouse at 109€, as well as the trackpad against 155€ and finally the keyboard is sold for 205€. Each time the price is up by 20€ (24 even for the mouse) compared to the white and silver versions of these products. This increase is not endemic to the French Store since it is also found at Uncle Sam (+$20) on each product.

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Other “hidden” products in the conference

Apple has made no comment on the arrival of these new products which were seen during the conference. This is not the only “hidden message” from Apple during this keynote. The Cupertino company has indeed teased the upcoming arrival of Gear.Club Stradalea new mobile car racing simulation game, which will therefore be exclusive to Apple Arcade, Apple’s paid video game service.

Another detail that has not escaped Internet users, the acoutrement of Tim Cook. Indeed, the CEO of Apple was dressed in a blue sweater and the strap of his Apple Watch was bright yellow. Two very strong symbolic colors in view of the news, which are present on the Ukrainian flag. Once again, Apple has made its science of detail speak, and nothing has been left to chance.

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